Smart City

Smart City

  • Landscape Irrigation Management

    With our Controlix Landscape Management, irrigation can be performed at the scheduled time, based on user preference and plant water needs, or whenever desired. The Controlix Irrigation Kit can be added to the existing irrigation system with plug and play way without the need for a stable energy source and physical communication connection. With the new types of wireless communication, it ensures the transfer of information over "km" type distances. It is integrated into many existing irrigation systems.
  • Remote Meter Reading

    Our Controlix Remote Meter Reading Solution is located at the mechanical meters of facilities and consumption data billing processes can be completed in the end-use area. Controlix Meter Reading Solution was developed with the aim of billing by easily receiving and reading data from major resource meters such as electricity, water and natural gas wirelessly. Controlix Meter Reading Solution, integrates seamlessly with all existing meters. The system transfers index data to the control center using alternative next-generation wireless communication technologies such as Lora and NB-IoT.
  • Lighting Management

    Thanks to the Controlix Lighting Management Solution developed by the controlix engineering team, costs can be managed more efficiently and remote management of streetlights can be facilitated. Smart Urbanism: improving the quality and performance of municipal services such as energy, transport, public services; It uses information and communication technologies to reduce resource consumption, waste and total costs. The objective of Smart Cities is to create more sustainable cities by increasing the quality of life of their citizens through technological means. Smart cities are improving the quality of life by using usually digital technologies. Lighting is the main source of energy consumption.
  • Optimization for Trash Track Solution

    Our controlix Optimization for Trash Track solution provides real-time dumpsters based tracking, enabling simultaneous optimization with garbage trucks, based on occupancy rates, and determining the correct number of vehicles and manpower. The Trash collection process, which is the starting point of waste management, is a task carried out by local governments. Much effort is devoted to these processes, which are closely related to the environmental order. Higher-level methods that are above the average values ​​are targeted. The value added to be acquired in this process deviates from the environmental objective and leads to the use of vehicles with more carbon emissions. In accordance with this purpose, today, we are able to build our solutions according to the principle of sustainability, thanks to the importance and ease of being traceable.